Discover the Greatest Secrets about the Mind & Reality

Power of Mind – A Transformation Workshop
26 Feb, 2020, Bangalore

Our workshops have won many sincere accolades from many reputed personalities from different domains

“The workshop was crisp and effective. It incorporates several basic ‘mind techniques’ which can be applied to all walks of life.”

Mr.Gopal Gera

Branch Head, ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Ltd

A brilliant session by its uniqueness of content. A trailblazer which had even the experienced minds engrossed with the simplicity with which the nuances of the mind and its effective practical utilization was explained

Dr. John Baby

Prof & Head, Dept. of Psychology, University of Calicut

This program really captures in plain language a powerful way to take control of our lives. Its perfect, I can make my life a power for good, for creation and for happiness! It should be required teaching at grade school

Ajith Babu

Director, Maxwel Group of Institution

Power Of Mind – A Transformation Workshop

Discover the Greatest Secrets about the Mind and Reality that will get you ‘anything you desire’


An individual is made up of knowledge, behavioral traits, attitude, skills etc. The behavioral traits and attitude is deeply embedded in the subconscious mind. The understanding of the power of mind will help one to unleash the strength within. Therefore, an individual has to understand the psychology of re-wiring the subconscious mind.
This workshop will touch up on ‘power of mind’ and how the mind picks up various traits, beliefs and attitudes, and how it reinforces them, finally making an individual.

We’ve got you covered


Understand the workings of the Mind


How the Mind Control will help us in steering our thoughts to the Positive and to remove the negative thinking from our system


Learn Techniques for controlling our emotions and to have a better grip on impulsive actions


Increase your self confidence and esteem


Eliminate worries and anxieties and achieve s Stress Free Life


Improve your memory power and concentration powers


Erase the negative behaviors which would affect our team, organization and ourselves


Unlock the limitless potential of your mind!


Understand the laws of Life and live a life of happiness and peace


Increase our mindfulness in everything that we do


Increase our creative potential and to face problems differently


Increase one’s emotional intelligence and balance both sides of the brain


Date & Time :

26 Feb 2020, 10 am – 4 pm

Venue :

Taj West End, Bangalore

Uniqueness of the Training

The Training helps one to tap higher intelligence through certain techniques

Emphasis is on balancing both right and left hemispheres of the brain leading to an awakening of intellect in its totality

We train individuals to maximize their mind potential by triggering dormant areas in the brain thereby giving them a cutting edge over others

This ultimately results in achievements ranging from materialistic success to complete well-being, job satisfaction, better interpersonal relationships, better health, better business prospects and so on

For the dear ones who are serious about making a transformative shift in your life today !


Heart-opening integrated healing works


Thought-provoking discourse; Meditation


Attuning to your Higher Self with intention, powerful affirmations, meditation and spiritual attunement


Creative visualisation & thinking